🥂 We are not experts in wine. We’re passionate about it. We drink it, we enjoy it, it’s a big part of our lifestyle and those three reasons alone are enough. Between us we have 40 years of wine tasting experience - out of that let’s call it 20 of consuming really good wine and 3 of enjoying Tim’s delicious collection. This extensive and continued research will come in handy 😂 🥂 I LOVE a Chardonnay. The rich, buttery kind that’s weighty and comforting. I’m a white wine lover all seasons with all foods. Red is not my jam. You’ll never see me pouring a glass of red to go with my steak. A dry palest of pale pink Rosè is my summer evenings sat on the garden steps joy. I can’t live without cheese. My hair is nearly always piled up in a giant topknot and I like it that way. I’m not an #outout person but I LOVE being #inin 😂 I can’t walk in heels and got married in trainers.

🥂 Chlo literally enjoys ALL of it! She’s probably more of a red lover than white which makes us a perfect pairing 😉 Like me, Chlo doesn’t attach rules to wine. She chooses based on mood, not what’s on the menu. Coffee & Hot Chocolate’s are another passion so don’t be surprised when a luxury hot chocolate concoction appears on the menu alongside the tasting wines 👌 She can’t live without nuts, bronzer and the bigger the gold hoops the better✨ Chlo’s capacity for love, kindness and empathy is off the scale. She lives life ALL IN ♥️

A few things we both adore:

✨ Scented candles ✨ J-Lo ✨ Toasted malt loaf ✨ Nicki & Ali ✨ Sainsbury’s Hankeridge ✨ Burger night ✨ Random Spotify playlists

🥂 When you visit us, you’ll be welcomed with our usual energy and enthusiasm to brighten your day. Bloom’s anchor is connection, community and friendship. You never know what someone is going through when they walk though the door. We are always mindful of that.

☕️ You’ll be able to stop in for a coffee as well as a bottle of plonk (and probably that hot choc 😂). Alongside the wine collection you’ll also be able to shop for your home. Interiors, glassware, tableware, barware…It all compliments the wine.

🧀 And YESS! We are planning a small fromagerie, charcuterie and nibbles selection. Cheese & Nut needs mentioned earlier 😆 So that’s a little bit about us and how we do life & business. Off piste, learning as we go and seizing all the opportunities life offers us. We’re here and ready for it and in J-Lo’s words; “We’re just getting started” 😘

All our love,

Lynds & Chlo